• 50 Years of unparalleled service...

    Our focus and responsibility: to help our customers innovate and succeed in their areas and industries through market
    expertise, flexible logistics, technical innovation, and formulation advice. We offer a wide range of products and the very
    best in traditional and computerized equipment, plus professional assistance in solving tough technical issues.

    • Home, Industrial, and Institutional Care Products (HI&I)
    • Paints and Coatings
    • Construction Admixtures
    • Personal Care Products
    • Plastics and Inks
    • More...
  • Inventory

    A Complete inventory of raw materials for the production of paints and coatings, including titanium dioxide, facilities-4nitrocellulose, aluminum paste, resins and emulsions, solvents, pigments (inorganic and organic), colorants,
    driers, basic chemicals, additives, extenders & fillers, oils (vegetable and petroleum) and lubricants. 


  • Growth

    Established in Toronto, Canada in 1960, Chemo International
    has grown to include a warehouse and office in Miami with
    additional facilities in Guatemala and Costa Rica. Originally a
    commission agent for quality European manufacturers, we take
    pride in being the oldest, and now the most comprehensive,
    trading house and export company of our kind.


  • Technical Services

    Assistance with new manufacturing plant
    implementation or expansion of existing facilities

    On-site laboratory in Miami for:

    • Quality control of incoming raw materials
    • Product testing and qualifying
    • Formulation assistance

Agriculture Division


Service Since 1960

For 50 years Chemo International has been the Leading Distributor of Chemicals, Raw Materials and Equipment to the Paint and Coatings Industry in Central America and the Caribbean. In the past ten years, Chemo has expanded into Florida and adjacent states, selling selective chemical products at competitive prices.

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